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I'm Michelle, and I help people who value caring for themselves and the people in their lives advance to wellness + well-being by using a science-backed step-by-step training approach with personalized and practical tools. 

As a nurse for 20+ years, instructor, mom, and coach who has cared for and taught thousands of people, I've lived how stressful and depleting it can be to care for clients and family members in broken systems lacking resources.

So I know how it feels to be unable to live better when your health suffers from unrelenting demands. 

As a Chopra Certified Total Well-being Coach™, Health™ & Meditation™ Instructor, creator of the AIM for Total Well-Being digital course and ADVANCE coaching program, and author of Self-Caring, I help people learn and use practices to revitalize their inner wisdom. So they sustain wellness and well-being by caring for themselves and everyone in their lives compassionately. 

I'm happy you're here!


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