Raúl Carral has devoted his 30-year career to helping organizations thrive and succeed in highly impactful roles. Today he is Partner at the Academy of Well-Being.

Raul has experience in Business Development for Wärtsilä Energy Solutions in Latin America North. During his almost ten years at Wärtsilä, he sold more than 1 Billion Euros of power generation projects. Before that, he was Managing Partner and Consultant at Finance and Development Group S.A. de C.V., a business and project development consulting firm in México. In addition, he was a Professor of Innovation and Strategy at Monterrey Tech, Campus Santa Fe in Mexico City, and an International Faculty Fellow of MIT Sloan School of Business. 

He holds a Doctor of Science in Technology degree, a Master of Business and Administration, and a Master of Science in Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. He lives in Texas with his wife Michelle, children Leon and Nico, and his family dogs.



Professional Skills

Passionate about helping people increase well-being, productivity, connectedness, and problem-solving to make teams and organizations successful. High achiever international business executive. Creative, dynamic, and flexible. Proven leadership skills and ability to open new markets and develop work teams infused with success.

Professional Experience

2022 – present Academy of Well-Being. Partner: Helping people and organizations achieve success by developing higher productivity, connectedness, problem-solving, and well-being

 2012 – 2022 Wärtsilä North America, Houston, Texas. Business Development, Latin America North: Developing and closing over a billion Euro contracts for Wärtsilä Power Plants.

2008 – 2012 Finance and Development Group, Mexico City, Mexico. Founder & Managing Partner: Project development, assessing investment opportunities for major projects, and helping secure financing.

2003 – 2012 Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey (ITESM) Campus Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico. Professor of Strategy and Innovation, MBA Program Director, International Faculty Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Business.

1996 – 2003 Nokia Networks Inc, Irving, Texas, USA and Espoo Finland. Manager, Operator Business and Markets, North America: Drove business development, marketing, and strategic planning for Nokia Networks in USA and Canada. 


1998 – 2002 Doctor of Science in Technology, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

1996 – 1998 Executive MBA, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

1995 – 1997 M.Sc. in Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

1988 – 1992 B. Sc. in Information Science, Anáhuac University, Mexico

Certifications & Honors

2022  2022 HeartMath® Activating the Heart of Teams™ Certified Trainer

2005 – 2006 Professor of the Year for the MBA Program at ITESM Campus Santa Fe

2004 – 2005 International Faculty Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Business


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Other Seminar Presentations

  1. Seminal presentation – "Innovation for the Creation of New Opportunities," presented in the "First Seminar of Value-Innovation in Mexico" to approximately 200 executives at Four Seasons Hotel, October 2005
  2. Seminar presentation – "Systemic Industry Analysis for Strategy Making and the Cross-Country Learning Diffusion Effects of Mobile Telephony" Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral students at Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, November 2004
  3. “Research and Science Advancement in Mexico” - Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey ITESM, Campus Cuernavaca, May 2004

Miscellaneous Information

Languages: Spanish Fluent, English Fluent, French Good, and Finnish Fair Working Knowledge


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